UEB Prep - Unified English Braille

Learn Unified English Braille through a Powerful and Responsive e-Learning Platform

On January 4, 2016, the United States began adopting and implementing the Unified English Braille (UEB) code created by the Braille Authority of North America (BANA). In order to prepare for this, an estimated 286,000 working-age braille users, and the thousands of professionals who provide service and training to people who are blind and visually impaired, will need to learn UEB.

In order to prepare these individuals, Portland State University’s Special Education and Computer Engineering Departments have been tasked to develop a unified eLearning braille platform, named UEB Prep.

UEB Prep is an iPhone/Android app that teaches the tactile system of braille to both sighted people and the visually impaired.

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Portland State University, in collaboration with individuals who are blind, community partners, and leaders in the field of visual impairment, propose a 5-year project to design and develop an evidence-based Unified English Braille (UEB) eLearning platform to serve a target population of adult braille users, parents of children who are visually impaired, and professionals (trained and pre-service) who work with individuals who are blind and visually impaired.


The objectives of the UEB-PREP Project are to:

  1. Explore and evaluate the braille learning needs of the community through high quality surveys and focus groups;
  2. Develop an evidenced based braille eLearning desktop and mobile platform that will incorporate a) eLearning experiences designed to be interactive, b) educational gaming designed to be engaging, and c) social networking meant to be connective and motivating;
  3. Evaluate the UEB PREP learning platform and its impact on learner performance and on the community of braille learners.


We are currently conducting a series of invitation only focus groups with individuals who are blind or have a visual impairment, teachers of the visually impaired, and family member of individuals who are blind.

Look for future events at conferences and locally in Portland, Oregon in the future.


Contact Principal Investigator Holly Lawson